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Ornament Pizazz Photo Christmas Card

Christmas Pizazz Photo Card

Christmas Pizazz Photo Card | Stock Photo Credit: Just4You at FreeImages

Christmas Pizazz is a photo card I designed in Inkscape December of 2010, I wanted a cute, retro design that could be easily recolored for individual preference.


Jack Skellington Pot Holder

Jack 03

This was a crochet project I made for Halloween / Christmas of 2010. I wrote the instructions down from my crochet notes and sold the pattern for $4 on Etsy for several years. This is a good example of how my various art endeavors can come together as a product that many people can enjoy.

You can download the entire Jack Skellington Pot Holder pattern as a PDF

Mags & Monty

Mags and Monty swing tag front

Swing tag front

Mags and Monty swing tag back

Swing tag back

A number of years ago I began crocheting little mice for cats and dogs, the “girl” colored ones were called Mags and the “boys” Monty. The mice for dogs had squeakers inside and the cats had wonderful catnip!

Yar Grog!

Yar Grog!

Magazine ad for my typography class, 2009

This was a class project where there students were able to choose from a wide range of titles, I chose “Yar Grog!”, some of the guidelines included that there had to be a credited poem that applied to the brand name and the ad had to be organized in such a way as to bring interest to the viewer.

With this project I had the most difficulty with the knife – I actually had to go out and buy a new camera to get a crisp enough image!