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Beginner Crochet Course Flier

May 2015 Crochet Classes

This is the flier I designed for the entry level crochet class I’ll be teaching in May! It’s also a good example of my typesetting, photography and general graphic design skills. All artwork, photos, and the crochet items pictured are of my design except the butterfly which is purchased stock from Dover Pictura, 150 Silhouette Designs.

If you live in Southern Maine and are interested in learning to crochet please feel free to drop me a line!

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Octavia Renaldo Business Card

Octavia Renaldo Business CardThis lovely business card is a mockup for a fictitious business and person featuring vectorized grapes, elegant handwriting font, and kerned out text.

Elements Used:
Dover | Spot Illustrations & Motifs

Book Antiqua

Mockup Business Set – Retro Girl

Advertising set for a fictitious business, I was going for an unusual look with popping colors and distressed fonts! I made this in about 2010.

Langsford Road Lobster & Fish House Mailer

langsford Road Lobster and Fish House Mailer 01

I designed this mailer for the Langsford Road Lobster & Fish House when I was working for Will’s Copy Center in 2012.

Natural Element Icon Pack

These scalable vector icons were created for use on a now retired website and promotional materials back in 2009, drawn in Inkscape, the “badeges” were edited in GIMP.

Mags & Monty

Mags and Monty swing tag front

Swing tag front

Mags and Monty swing tag back

Swing tag back

A number of years ago I began crocheting little mice for cats and dogs, the “girl” colored ones were called Mags and the “boys” Monty. The mice for dogs had squeakers inside and the cats had wonderful catnip!