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TOON! RPG Character Sheet

Toon Character Sheet Preview

Toon Character Sheet

TOON! RPG Character Sheet

I made this character sheet for the RPG my husband, ran at PortCon 2016! TOON! Feel free to use this sheet for your upcoming game!

Please note that TOON! is (c) Steve Jackson Games, I am in no way affiliated with them and make no copyright claims.


Beginner Crochet Course Flier

May 2015 Crochet Classes

This is the flier I designed for the entry level crochet class I’ll be teaching in May! It’s also a good example of my typesetting, photography and general graphic design skills. All artwork, photos, and the crochet items pictured are of my design except the butterfly which is purchased stock from Dover Pictura, 150 Silhouette Designs.

If you live in Southern Maine and are interested in learning to crochet please feel free to drop me a line!

Clicker Script
Book Antiqua


Book Covers: A Contract in Azure and Indigo

These two covers are mock ups for a captivating story called A Contract in Azure and Indigo that my husband Jason Abbott has written. The story is available online to read and I highly recommend that you do!

Overall 18.625″ x 7.25″
Flaps 3.5″ + .375″ for Wrap Each
Front & Back 4.625″ Each
Spine 1.625″
.12″ around for bleeds (not visible in above examples)

Both Covers:
Author Photo: Jason in His Fedora, by Kimberly Abbott
Motif: | Ouroboros
Fonts Used: Book Antiqua; Gabriola

Black & White Cover:
Photo Credit: | Indian Woman by Satsal
Hand Writing: | Ancient Handwriting 3 by Raichinger

Color Cover:
Photo Credit: | Study for the Snack by Jules Breton

Emerson Graduation Card

Emerson Graduation

This card was designed summer of 2014 for a young woman’s 8th grade graduation, based on this card featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper. Designed in Inkscape, most motifs brought in from other sources. This is a good example of my typesetting capabilities.

Random Star Wars RPG Stuff

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My husband led a Star Wars RPG game a couple of years ago and these are a few of the things I designed for his campaign. If you would like the character sheet you’re welcome to snag the PDF! I don’t own any copyright to Star Wars or the logos, of course.